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MACSEM 2008: Program Details

MACSEM 2008 will feature 15 paper presentations, plus a special lunchtime film screening. The complete schedule is below the cut.

Saturday, March 29th
9AM: Opening Remarks from Kay Shelemay

9:30-11:30: Session I

  • Kelly Best, Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Newfoundland and the "Black Atlantic:" "Jim Crow," Minstrelsy, and Christmas Mummering
  • Kavin Dayanandan Paulraj, University of Pittsburgh
    Jamaica Brasileira: Reggae Music in Northeast Brazil
  • Stephen Mamula, Rhode Island College
    Returning From A Void: Musical Regeneration in Cambodia After the Khmer Rouge
  • Nicole C. Lee, Baruch College
    Protesting the Dixie Chicks in 2003: Gender and Politics in Country Music

11:30-12:45: Lunch Break

  • Screening of Mosuo Song Journey by Diedie Weng
    Organized by Nora Yeh, American Folklife Center – Library of Congress

12:45- 1:45: Business Meeting

2-4: Session II

  • Cheryl A. Tobler, University of Maryland –College Park
    Economic Development and Music Tourism: Southwest Virginia’s Success
  • Miki Kaneda, University of California – Berkeley
    We Travel the Spaceways: Improvisation and Narration in the Music of Sun Ra
  • Elana Milstein, Hunter College
    When East meets West: Conga Santiaguera in Contemporary Cuban Society
  • Patricia S. Vergara, University of Maryland
    Sounding Democracy? Brazilian Popular Music and the “Percussion Boom”

4:15- 5:30: Keynote Address

  • Adelaida Reyes, New Jersey City University
    What Do Ethnomusicologists Study? An Old Question for a New Century

5:30-7:30: Dinner Break

7:30: MACSEM 2008 Concert

  • Featuring Lucia Pulido and Cosmas Magaya, with Paul Berliner

Sunday, March 30th
9AM-11:00: Session I: Children, Media, and Music in the Contemporary US

  • Tyler Bickford, Columbia University
    The Social Economy of Headphone Use in One New England Primary School
  • Sara L. Snyder, Columbia University
    Music and Modesty at an Orthodox Jewish Girls’ Middle School
  • Jennifer A. Woodruff, Duke University
    "Girl, you nasty!”: Policing the Boundaries of Inappropriate Dancing and Immoral Character
  • Jenny Olivia Johnson, New York University
    The “Sweet Trauma” of Sesame Street: A Television Soundtrack to Childhood Sexual Abuse in Late-20th Century America

11:15 - 12:45 – Session II

  • Katherine Morehouse, University of Maryland
    The Singers’ Story: Musicians' Struggle for Place and Power
  • Nicholas Tochka, Stony Brook University
    Korçar Listening: Musical Meaning, Civic Identity, and Debating Taste
  • Sunmin Yoon, University of Maryland – College Park
    Sentiment vs. Technique: Comparative Observation of Rural and Urban Singers in Terms of Aesthetic Pursuits in Music-making


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