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Adam Kielman Wins Julie How Fellowship from Weatherhead Institute!

Adam Kielman

The Center for Ethnomusicology congratulates PhD student Adam Kielman, who has been awarded the Julie How Fellowship by the Weatherhead East Asian Institute. The award provides support for a year of dissertation write-up to a student in history or the social sciences with a research focus on China.

Mr. Kielman, who is also an alumnus of Columbia College (EALAC major, LAJPP performer) is completing a dissertation on local popular music and politics in China under the sponsorship of Prof. Ana Maria Ochoa. 

Congratulations Adam!

Dr. Nili Belkind Appointed as Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Illinois!

Dr. Nili Belkind

The Center for Ethnomusicology warmly congratulates Dr. Nili Belkind, a 2014 alumna of the Columbia Ethnomusicology PhD Program, who has been awarded a two-year Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities-Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Humanities, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dr. Belkind's Columbia dissertation is entitled Music in conflict: Palestine, Israel, and the politics of aesthetic production.  It was sponsored (advised) by Prof. Christopher Washburne.   The dissertation is an ethnographic study of the fraught and complicated cultural politics of music making in Israel-Palestine in the context of the post-Oslo era, a time of highly polarized sentiments and general retreat from the expressive modes of relationality that accompanied the 1990s peace process. In it, she examines the politics of sound and the ways in which music making and attached discourses reflect and constitute identities, and also, contextualize political action. Ethical and aesthetic positions that shape contemporary artistic production in Israel-Palestine are informed by profound imbalances of power between the State (Israel), the stateless (Palestinians of the oPt), the complex positioning of Israel’s Palestinian minority, and contingent exposure to ongoing political violence.

Congratulations Nili!

Lauren Flood Wins Whiting Dissertation Fellowship!

Lauren E. Flood

Lauren Flood (Ethnomusicology) has been awarded a dissertation completion fellowship for 2014-15 from the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation. The title of her dissertation is "Building and Becoming: DIY Music Technology in New York and Berlin," and it is sponsored by Prof. Ana Maria Ochoa.

Ethnomusicology PhD Candidate Adam Kielman Wins Three Major Prizes!

The Center for Ethnomusicology congratulates Columbia Ethnomusicology PhD candidate Adam Kielman, who has won three prestigious prizes for papers presented at academic conferences, in addition to a major research fellowship (Fulbright DDRA) for his work in China.

The prizes awarded to Mr. Kielman include:

The Hewitt Pantaleoni Prize  -- Awarded by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Society of Ethnomusicology (MACSEM) for the best student paper presented at their annual meeting held March 23-24, 2013 in Richmond, VA. Paper title: " 'Sounds like Home': Language and Place in Guangzhou's Modern Folk."

The Martin Hatch Award  -- Awarded by the Society for Asian Music (SAM) for the best student paper on Asian music presented at the annual Society for Ethnomusicology national meeting held November 1-4, 2012 in New Orleans, LA. Paper title: "Xiandai Minyao: 'Modern Folk' in Guangzhou."

The Barbara Barnard Smith Prize -- Awarded by the Association for Chinese Music Research (ACMR) to recognize an outstanding student paper in the field of Chinese music, broadly defined, presented at the annual Society for Ethnomusicology national meeting held November 1-4, 2012 in New Orleans, LA. Paper title: "Xiandai Minyao: 'Modern Folk' in Guangzhou."

Mr. Kielman, who is also an alumnus of Columbia College (EALAC major, LAJPP performer), has also just successfully defended his doctoral dissertation proposal, entitled "Sounding Configurations of Difference in Postsocialist China."  He is preparing to depart for field research in China with support from a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship, awarded in September 2013.
Congratulations to Mr. Kielman!


Kevin Holt Wins Ford Predoctoral Fellowship!

Congratulations to Columbia ethnomusicology PhD student Kevin Holt, who has been awarded a 2013 Predoctoral Fellowship from the  Ford Foundation.

This fellowship, which provides three years of full support for doctoral research, is sponsored by the Ford Foundation and administered by the National Research Council of the National Academies.  Mr. Holt's selection for this prestigious award reflects Ford Foundation's panelists’ "judgment of scholarly competence as well as the promise of future achievement as a scholar, researcher, and teacher."  read more »

Ethnomusicology PhD Candidate Nili Belkind Wins Whiting Fellowship!

The Department of Music congratulates Ethnomusicology PhD candidate Nili Belkind, who has been awarded a prestigious Whiting Fellowship by Columbia's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  The fellowship is provided by the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation to enable the completion of innovative and excellent doctoral dissertations. 

Ms. Belkind's dissertation research is an inquiry into the relationship between musical culture and political life in Israel/Palestine, where for the past century, violent conflict has been both shaping and claiming the lives of Palestinians and Jews. She focuses on the complex ways in which musical culture acts as a sphere in which power and hegemony are asserted, negotiated and resisted between and within different groups, in relation to the political situation. She analyzes the politics of sound as a sphere that is both reflective of the situation and constitutive of identity formations, particularly in relationship to conceptualizations of citizenship, nationality, ethnicity, and ‘home.’

Themes highlighted in her dissertation include: the role of cultural policy in the production of social imaginaries in Palestine and Israel through musical activity; the relationship between identity, music making, spatiality, and temporality in Palestine, where movement is highly constricted by the occupation; the musical activity that surrounded the summer 2011 social protest movement in Israel, during which attempts were made to disrupt the hegemony of class and ethno-national hierarchies, and the musical production of individual Palestinian artists who are citizens of Israel and who, due to their minoritized status and the political situation, must negotiate between multiple and contradictory spheres of belonging.

Congratulations Nili!

Congratulations to CU Ethno Students!

Hearty congratulations are in order for a number of Columbia Ethnomusicology students:

First, three students are now alumni!  We congratulate Andrew Eisenberg, Morgan Luker, and Ryan Skinner, each of whom has successfully defended his dissertation.  

We also congratulate Tyler Bickford, winner of a Columbia University Whiting Fellowship.

Congratulations to Farzaneh Hemmasi, who has won a dissertation fellowship for 2009-10 from the Middle East Institute. 

Congratulations to Sara Snyder, who has won a summer research fellowship from the Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life. 

Congratulations to Anna Stirr, who has accepted a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Oxford University.

And finally, congratulations to Daphne Carr, who got a fellowship form The Harriman Institute at Columbia University.

Center for Ethnomusicology News, 2007-2008

The Center at Work
The Center for Ethnomusicology and the Graduate Program in Ethnomusicology in the Department of Music at Columbia University

Annual Report for 2007-8
(click photo to enlarge)
2007-8 has been a very busy and successful year for the Center for Ethnomusicology and the Ethnomusicology graduate program at Columbia, and there is an abundance of good news to report!

 read more »

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