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Andrew Eisenberg Appointed Assistant Professor of Music at NYU Abu Dhabi!

The Center for Ethnomusicology congratulates 2009 Columbia Ethnomusicology PhD alumnus Dr. Andrew Eisenberg, who has been appointed Assistant Professor of Music at New York University's Abu Dhabi campus!

Andrew Eisenberg

Andrew J. Eisenberg is Assistant Professor of Music at NYU Abu Dhabi.  He was Visiting Assistant Professor of Music and Anthropology at Bard College in 2013-14, and at NYUAD in 2014-15. Between 2011 and 2013, he served as Postdoctoral Research Associate in charge of the Kenya portion of the ERC Music and Digitisation Programme, while also holding a junior research fellowship at St. Catherine's College, Oxford. He earned a PhD in ethnomusicology from Columbia University in 2009, with a dissertation on vocal expression, emplacement and citizenship among marginalized Muslims of Kenya's 'Swahili coast'. A book based on his dissertation is slated for completion in 2014. Its working title is Sound and Citizenship: Voice, Place, and Belonging on Kenya's 'Swahili Coast'.
Andrew has published articles and chapters in the journal Africa, The New Encyclopedia of Africa (Scribner), Anthropology News, and the volume Music, Sound and Space: Transformations of Public and Private Experience (ed. Georgina Born, Cambridge University Press). He is currently writing three articles for the Music and Digitisation Project. Based on a year of fieldwork in Nairobi, they examine how Kenya's music recording industry has been, and continues to be, transformed by the digital revolution, the liberalisation of mass media and telecommunications, and intellectual property rights reform.

Andrew has previously held visiting posts at Northwestern University and Stony Brook University, where he has taught courses in African and African American music, and ethnomusicological theory and method

Congratulations to CU Ethno Students!

Hearty congratulations are in order for a number of Columbia Ethnomusicology students:

First, three students are now alumni!  We congratulate Andrew Eisenberg, Morgan Luker, and Ryan Skinner, each of whom has successfully defended his dissertation.  

We also congratulate Tyler Bickford, winner of a Columbia University Whiting Fellowship.

Congratulations to Farzaneh Hemmasi, who has won a dissertation fellowship for 2009-10 from the Middle East Institute. 

Congratulations to Sara Snyder, who has won a summer research fellowship from the Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life. 

Congratulations to Anna Stirr, who has accepted a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Oxford University.

And finally, congratulations to Daphne Carr, who got a fellowship form The Harriman Institute at Columbia University.

Congratulations to Morgan Luker, Andy Eisenberg and Brian Karl!

Congratulations to Ethnomusicology PhD student Morgan Luker, who has accepted a position as a lecturer in Ethnomusicology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Morgan will be teaching two undergraduate ethnomusicology courses and the graduate proseminar in ethnomusicology.

Congratulations to Ethnomusicology PhD student Brian Karl who has accepted a position as a lecturer in Anthropology at Colby College.

Congratulations to Ethnomusicology PhD student Andy Eisenberg, who has accepted a position as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at Stony Brook University.  read more »

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